Meet our team

See the many faces of our Team who create stunning Films, Photographs & Albums. Together we are "Digital Box"

Tej Luhar

On the equinox of space and time Tej performs with every live moment as one band army. On the desk of editing, the captured events when presented to him are so composed that it fills our mindscape with feelings, emotions and vibrancy.

Tej – The Self Learner, till date, has touched the inner spots of software, music, photography, video editing, film shooting or scripting the moments in albums by himself. Tej as a word in the language Sanskrit means light, and also leopard fast in action. To watch Tej moving his fingers on mouse or key pad is romance in itself.

A creator of over 5000 marriage album assignments, a film maker of over 250 Wedding films, 10 documentaries and as a graphic designer depicts his self-learning journey from age 14 till this age of 31. All depicting a true blend of hard work and perseverance. To persist, till he succeeds in every act of work to its utmost perfection.

His first love was, is and will remain computer and music – a real fuel for graphic creativity.

Bhavin Shah